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Jail Baited. Jock Talk: Aged Meat is Delicious. What do you think? What is sexy about this? I just see 5 guys who would rather be anywhere BUT filming this scene. Phenix too!! Sword Says. You might also like. Getting to the bottom of Diego Sans is a lot easier than getting him to bottom again.

But especially with a new man in his life, Diego has a lot to say. Adam and Johnny salute Veterans Day with a para-military power-fuck. I knew it was gonna be good! How does the new Latin boy make friends with four husbands in a neighborhood full of Trump supporters? Good thing he has more than one available hole.

I agree with everyone, however, that fucking a guy once on a couch does not make you star. To me, a star has staying power. People like Spencer Reed, Arpad Miklos and others are in my opinion stars. Topher DiMaggio is another one who comes to mind with a terrific work ethic. These are guys who will not have sex or cum at all for DAYS before their shoots, go to the gym extra and really work with the director to try and make their new scene with you different than something they have done before. We filmed Gavin Waters with Parker London, and Gavin had a stomach flu the entire time but refused to cancel, and gave an amazing performance and he was bottoming.

We made him do crunches he filmed a workout for us , and I felt terrible because there was not an exercise that put him in more pain than that. But he did it, and the video shows no trace of him being in any pain. These are not stars, but they are also generally not people who have their minds set on being a porn star. As Diesel whom I adore and others have said, these are paycheck guys who are doing this until something else comes along. Their motivations are simply different, and being a star is not one of them. When YouTube. YouTube did not kill the movies. XTube will not kill porn.

The difference with porn is that at the end of the day people want to see a penis. The amateur and pro stuff satisfy the same need the viewer has, and one is free. Compounding the problem is that unlike Hollywood which continued making big-budget films instead of copying YouTube and creating amateur-looking videos , porn websites and I am guilty of this as well as the rest saw that people liked amateur-looking stuff and starting producing it. So now we have amateur porn that is free, and amateur porn produced by studios, which is not free. But it all looks the same to the consumer, so why would he pay for one and not the other.

Some do it with exclusive stars, some with higher quality downloads, and some with other innovations. Certainly we have tried to do this by filming everything in 3D and supporting emerging platforms though choosing hot guys and having passionate scenes is priority 1 above any technology decisions. But I think there is room for both in the market. We started after the industry had already started hemorrhaging. But I know sites that update times a week who get the same complaint.

Piracy compounds this problem even further. The ignorance out there about piracy and what constitutes piracy is amazing. People have left comments on MY site asking where they can download the movie whose page they are on. Thanks for writing this. Great comment, Dominic. His so-called mysterious persona and that of his studio has also separated him from his fans and what they want to see. His product has suffered as a result, and I personally have canceled my longtime subscription.

The perception is he no longer cares about the product, and it shows with bad direction, the substance of his videos, and a ridiculous amount of editing. I call it Sean Cody Lite. As with so many things nowadays, consumers are getting far less and paying a lot more. How much models are paid and how may websites a model appears on is not something I give a shit about. Diesel Washington and Gay Porn Fanatic are so right! Perhaps it is not so much about the death of the gay porn star, but rather the death of the platform to create the gay porn star.

Especially since there has been talk on this subject on twitter for a few months.

I feel like the entire industry will either have to fail, or get damn close before it comes back again. Because even THEY rely on ads and subsctiptions to pay sites.

The Death Of The Gay Porn Star

Whoever can figure out that business model will be king of the porn, and maybe even king of the digital world. Robert Axel also popped up on 5 or 6 of the Bang Bros gay sites within all within a week or two. So did Spencer Fox who just shot for gay room which has a group of very similar sites. Pacific Blue models seem to be the worst offenders in regards to booking their models to work on a whole bunch of different sites within a very short period of time. Even companies like Kink. I know there have been a few guys who were big names a few years ago and retired who considered coming back into the industry but once they saw what scene rates where and where the industry was going, they decided it was better and more financially smart to stay retired.

There are a lot of studios that are hanging on by a thread financially and some of them are the worst offenders as far has overusing lackluster or overexposed talent. Yeah the internet, torrents, and the over saturation of third rate cheap studios have killed the gay porn star, and yes the consumer has played a role in that. At the same time, when Falcon merged with AEBN and Colt filed for bankruptcy, the only assets they had of real value were their vintage or classic catalog titles, not the current content they were shooting at that time.

There has always been cheap porn and fetish porn, even back in the film era. Titan seems to be operating off their lawsuit revenues. The major studios have consolidated, with the major attraction probably being the backlists, previously produced work that can be re-released and repackaged in many different ways. Sites like BrokeStraightBoys, Cockyboys, and Collegedudes have stopped and restarted usually with changes in ownership.

Many start-ups like Eon, Ridgeline, etc. The live party and fetish sites seem to come and go. The market can only support so much of this. Get a grip Paul Morgan was real cool. None of those falcon homos could blow a load like him. I once saw him douse a chandelier frim ten feet out. Get a life, pencil Fill in performer, I think not!!! Yay to that girl friend!

So there! Rich, you bitter pillow biter! Rich, your talking out of your cake hole. He could out blast any one of those falcon limp dicks! I was in North Hollywood back in 96 and. He was in hundreds if flicks and it was for one reason. That little ho could perform. He got it up, and kept it up for three years straight! Now hes assistant to the assistant manager at a fuddruckers in pioria illinois and his balls are shriveled like two rotten walnuts.

But then, he was the shit!! Now I know.

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There is also this whole idea that the gay porn business is a cash bonanza for anyone who can stomach the work…fact is the economics of the business are: The attention span of the consumer is…oops…hey…what were we talking about? Its a bitch of a business that requires those involved to be dedicated and committed—and throw in some professionalized sex addiction for good measure—so I can totally understand the bitterness towards carpet baggers and others who dont respect the process and those who dip into the bidness just to walk away with a few dollars that would have otherwise gone to the true soldiers of the trade.

We could sum up the article in one word. Insatiable unending greed in all parts of the equation. Welcome to the United States! Did they have better sex than now? Robert Axel is out to make money , so what? The sad part is that the actors are getting paid less and less and that it s difficult to make a career out of it now.

No actually the really sad part is that people desperate to make a few bucks endanger themselves for reckless websites because bareback sells more. Thank God for sites such as X Tube that give us a choice to watch real guys have real sex instead of paying too much to watch plastic, overly staged performances. Progress marches on and better ideas always win out…. I noticed the problem early , scene rates were nose diving and production values were slipping.

I had hoped that it was just a passing thing and that the industry would return to normal. Lower scene rates only attracts those models willing work for that Fee, so you will not get any big name for that production. Not to sound stuck up or diva, but We put our lives on the line with every production, speaking for myself only…. As far as porn stars working for below average scene rates and overexposing themselves, those are the types of models that do not care about having a fan base.

They are only in it for the check.. But whats funny is that the studios know they have a subpar model but still try to sell that model to fans who are not buying into it. One model said that Studios are hiring anybody right off the street and putting them in a production… and they are right!!! Gay4Pay models it is what it is…so many years of this selfhatred thing gays have about themselves turning Str8boys, Str8 trade We have gotten to the point When we can not view Gay males having sex with other gay males without hating on the models for being too Cunty or Fem, or has attitude on Twitter, or their personal sex life with women without it hitting all the blogs and gossip pages.

When I read comments from fans still waiting on Cody Cummings to kiss or suck a dick or fuck a guy…. Makes me want to throw up!! After years and years of the Cat and Mouse game, people are still waiting on the day when he interacts fully with another male. Way too many goodlooking gay guys who perform to the best of their abilities getting passed on for a gay4pay model who doesnt even like to suck cock…. I have always said that porn has changed, there is no such thing as Porn Stars only Porn models.

Can you say Overexposed!!?! The proliferation of web sites, illegal downloads, a glut of material coming from all corners of the globe, etc. Standards have plummeted because paying audiences accept it. I was recently privy to a conversation between two directors over the one camera vs. No one pays any extra for it. Unless the audience begins to demand higher quality and is willing to PAY for it, I fear that the situation will continue to decline.

The death of the gay porn star is our own fault. We got cheap. The biggest thing to shake up porn is the internet. Maybe it will teach the kids that the real money is to be made in getting an education no matter what you look like or how well you can fuck.

I agree that image is unimportant these days and the paycheck is everything. Someone like Axel is obviously more interested in earning as much money as possible in the shortest amount of time and could care less what his admirers think of his image. Another aspect of the death of the porn star is the proliferation of gay-for-pay and male enhancement drugs that have made it possible for so many str8 guys who would never be considered for str8 work make good money in gay porn. Standards have plummeted and as you said, quality has taken a back seat to quantity. So, I lament and grieve over the end of an era.

Ruff Ruff! These Two Their Enjoy Scruff! Of Course They Were. Check in to Room JJ Knight Overthinks It. It does NOT mean that they necessarily worked together. If you're not sure of the way the name is spelled in our database, use a substring, and we'll check it out on the next page Robert Axel. Height 6 feet, 2 inches cm Weight lbs 98 kg.

Tattoos Tribal left shoulder; Tribal? AVN Awards Best Scene, Axel Rose Best Scene, Tranny Vice With Without. Check on Pairings. Limit the filmography based on these criteria. The filter is applied as you go. BJ Only. Clear Filters. Performer Credits Check Scene Pairings. Yeaaaa bigdaddy. Alexa Scout: TS Superstar.

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