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In male gay culture, a bear is often a larger or obese hairier man who projects an image of . The comics are created by Tim Vanderburg under the pen name Bruin. In Tim Barela's comic strip, Leonard & Larry, a majority of the male characters.
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This is a Twink in transition and can quickly develop into Gym bonny or Jock. You might find yourself doing squats and dead lifts until you pass out! They are always full of energy and sporting whatever sneaker is released next. These are the guys who never shut up about the gym.

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Gym Rats have to be with other Gym Rats. We listed these gay slang examples not to label anyone or try to place every gay man in a stereotype but that being said, terms such as those listed above can be handy. Want to learn more about common gay slang and terminology? While they may enjoy attention from others in public, that is not their motivation for being fit.

Their primary motive for long, daily lifting sessions relates more to an obsessive need to get bigger. They are typically lean and very well-built. Like a rat lives in the basement, gym rats live at the gym and are always there. The straight equivalent would be a muscle head. Gym bunnies and gym rats are closely related. Again, the primary difference is that gym bunnies care most about sculpting their bodies whereas gym rats are typically concerned with adding muscle size in hopes of becoming a bull. There has always been disagreement within the gay community around descriptive terms for body types and their associated characteristics.

If this is the case, there is always the "average" category, which is an area that many gay men fall into and simply means that the person is average in most areas, including body weight, height, and hairiness. Note that the term "daddy" not used here. This is because a "daddy" is not connected to a specific body type. Wolves, bears, chubs, and otters can all technically be daddies. A great video to stream or download is The Adonis Factor, a documentary that goes into fairly deep detail on gay body types.

I am young. Most of my body hair is on my legs, my upper body barely has any hair, and I have a bit of a belly.

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What am I? Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. I am 6'6" and lbs. I am moderately hairy and Do bears have to have a beard or other facial hair? I can't take that due to sensitive skin. Also, I have a large stomach. Am I a chub or a bear? Idk what i am. I dont care much about labels but i am curious to know. I am 22 yo 6ft tall. I have a small goatee with some hair on my chest like very little.

I have a small belly so i am not an otter but i am way smaller compared to a cub. Am i just a mix? I guess I'd consider myself an otter. Usually I'm not too picky with types unless you're too skinny or obese and completely hairless. Like legit no muscle you can count my ribs.

No fat or muscle. What am I??? I'm young, as in below 20, with nearly zero facial and body hair, but my head hair is very long and reaches past my shoudlers. However, I am also very big being 6 foot and lbs with not much muscle. I'm slim with a little bit of belly most of my hair is on my legs. I have some chest and belly hair but not a lot. And a large body massage mostly being untoned muscle.

Bill S. Have you considered examining your ability to properly use the english language? Our obsession with categories and labels has taken a disgusting turn. This is why gay men have so many issues, aspects like this is what makes me hate the gay community. Lol at the people freaking out over the 'labels. These are just ways of describing physical attributes and many or most people have their preferences in terms physical attraction. These aren't judgements of character. Sure, it's what's on the inside that matters most but if it's a hook-up, I find twinks unnattractive and older beefy bearded guys very attractive.

I can't help what my body is and isn't aroused by. This kind of article is very annoying! People are people stop labeling! Hot is when someone is confident in what they have and is based on another person's perspective. If they don't want you move on, oh well, their loss! Be your own gay make a new style for yourself!

Bear (gay culture)

Set a new trend. I'm not sure what I'm classified as.

Gay Body Types

To many fat guys try to be called Bears. They are Chubs and Super Chubs and get pissed when guys that spend time in the gym won't have sex with them. They cry discrimination rather than they lack the will power to make themselves attractive to the group they desire. Put down the fudge pop and hit the gym! I had no clue to what a Otter referred to. Reading your article in lightened me about several categories of men. After reading it, I could easily describe myself as an otter: I have a cub build but im not the least bit hairy.

I really trying to find where I belong. I know this is an old article but I will actually get to use this for a scientific article im writing. So thanks for this and the super helpful charts! I'm not gay or male, but wanted to add the point that your description of Jack Black as young or youngish in your list of descriptors is unfortunately for him a laugh! Um I am none of those and find the entire idea of being pigeonholed by looks or any other way just so shallow and superficial.

It's part of the reason I completely reject the gay community these days even though I am of homosexual orientation. To be judged scrutinised and categorised in this way is repugnant. It's all about other gay men figuring out how fuckable you are. Then, if you don't have a ripped body and you have a belly then you're most likely a bear or if you're lanky and slim then you're a twink. But why isn't there anything in between?

I find all this very reductive. You need to add the lion Don't forget about the panda bears Thank you for posting this.

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I had no idea there We're so many types. And it helped me figure out that I seem to fit into the otter spectrum so according to the definitions I'd most Likely day I'm a Potter. Add I'm also quite new to the gay scene. Thanks again. Great article! I enjoyed reading through all you had to say. I guess I would technically be a "Sugar Cub" but i'm alright with that. Great job. I don't see any problem in assuming i'm wicked and bitter. That's typical of underestimated minorities. Lol, as if people can enter into case.

But if you speak of people or community in term of animal totems, wath you write can be really frustrating. The world offer so much more diversity. I'm a very tall, skinny dandy with facial hair and cynical attitude, so what I am?

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A fucked-up twunk? Okey, I gonna make my own subcategory, I'm a greyhound. I'm just so proud beeing the leader of a group which I'm the only member, I c'an't stop enjoying it darling ;. So like I'm a pup I suppose. But my partner is a grease monkey kinda guy. You know. He is always fixing well breaking the cars. And and loves to over gel his hair. So I dont know wjat category he falls under. You people need to grow up and stop trying to define who you are based on your sexuality, weight, age, body type, hair, and gender. They're traits. So over the gays that abandon their real selves to be one of these labels.

Then scream its just me! This is who I am! This was totally worth the read just to look at True Blood Boy's picture. I effing love gay men- they make the best girlfriends- they shoot it straight which I love. I had a great time laughing at this one! I go for the jock type of course, especially David Beckham: You did not offend at all and I am glad you posted. Thanks for taking the time to share! I agree with commentors about Pups. They are related more to the leather community, and are easily in their 20's - 30's, sometimes even more.

And are MORE away if the community than twins, not less. Jack is Same as that 'aging wolf'. Lastly - you gave 'masculinity' as an important and key feature of being a bear. That's almost laughable. And this is not to put down bears, but a large percentage of bears are so NOT masculine. You could claim it's a key feature of wolves, and some other categories.

But not a "key" feature of bears. Now, I know you iterated that these are generalities, and that there will always be disagreements, but I felt compelled to comment that even as generalities, I disagree with those 3 aspects - as I have been around all of the above during my 40 years of being 'out'. BTW - I would have described 'twunk' as a twink who already has qualities of a hunk. I think that's what you were getting at anyway but missed using the actually word 'hunk' - thus the name TWUNK. Fun article and more accurate than lots on this subject I think. It's maybe a sign of the ageism in our culture that there's no category for average guys.

I've always wondered what does a Twink become when they grow up? For example, what would Joseph Gordon-Levitt be? Well, there you go! As a gay woman, I was aware of some of these, but not all. I guess we do like to label ourselves occasionally, and these make sense of some of the terms I hear in the community, but didn't get. I do now. Have to say I'm not a great fan of labels, but I suppose it's natural for some folk to want to hang a 'type' badge onto particular people. Whatever churns your cheese. However, on your gay cliques survey, if I put in my stats but only change my age, I get everything from bull to muscle bear to daddy as age increases.

You state that, in terms of density, bulls are mostly muscle, muscle bears are muscly and daddies are soft body. This assumes increasing percentage of body fat in terms of body composition with age. This is not true for everyone. I agree with the daddy part as I am 58 except that I am anything but soft body. Being gay is tough enough to worry about all the rules and games to keep up with. All I look for is an honest man of integrity and self-respect which I was lucky to find. The guide could never pigeon-hole every gay man.

If it offended you, I apologize. That was never the intent. And I completely understand your point. First time visitor to your site. Wanted to thank you for the information. Being new to the scene I need all the help I can get. I love bears! Too bad for them I say…. Just wanted to let you guys know that no matter what the nickname is, as far as this guy is concerned you got it all going for you. Will keep checking back to get more info. At least I know what to ask for now. Thank you! I must have overlooked it. Mea culpa. Thanks for the reply, Wolfy! It gave me an idea for a shifter book!

A bear that can become any furry creature it wants. Great site!

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Good information. My guy is a probably bald otter and I just started shaving my head but still fall into the larger bear group.

Gay Bears Try Voguing

Both of us have professional jobs which require us to dress the part, and we have two kids which keep us entrenched in little boy activities. So we are atypical bears. Your thoughts? Great site and very informative. I have a question you may be able to answer. Is there a term for someone who falls into both categories or is there a special young otter term?

Loved the article, thank you for posting it! Thanks for the info though! If you want more animal-based terms for the gay community check out the following: Queer Male Body Image: What would I be? Jason, I think you would fit wherever you would like. These descriptions are not meant to pigeon hole any of us into a particular group, but just to give those who are unfamiliar with the culture to get a general idea of the bear subculture. Hi, I was wondering if you have heard of female bears?